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Insurance Plans for Owner/Operators in Dallas, TX 

People who are ready to take a chance on themselves by getting their commercial driver’s license and buying a truck are truly a brave lot. Even with all of the bravery they can muster on their side, these people need to make sure they protect all of their assets and that means taking a look at appropriate insurance plans for owner/operators in Dallas, TX. It’s important to note that Patriot Truck Sales does not sell these plans and we are not licensed insurance agents. However, our team wants to make sure that our customers are as prepared as possible to handle the countless challenges they will face while they’re working on the road. Customers can learn more about the other services we have to offer today by calling, 972-554-4700. 


Are you leased to a motor carrier? 

One of the ways owner/operators run their business is to lease their trucks to a motor carrier. According to commercial insurance experts, it is common for the motor carrier to provide owner/operators with primary liability insurance coverage. However, it may only apply when the truck is working for the carrier. Depending on the particulars of your operation, you might benefit from having a few more protections.


Non-Trucking Liability — A policy that will protect drivers when the truck is being used for the motor carrier's business. 

Physical Damage Coverage — This will pay for repairs or replacement of a truck that is damaged or stolen. 

Trailer Interchange — If an owner/operator is pulling a trailer under an interchange agreement, this policy will cover any damage that occurs. 



How much will truck insurance cost? 

There is no hard and fast formula that will give an owner/operator a figure for how much insurance will cost each month. There are several factors that can contribute to variable cost figures:


  • What type of trucking business you’re running 
  • Actual coverage needs of the business 
  • Driver’s record and accident history 
  • Business’ operating radius 

If you have any questions about how you can make your new trucking business as profitable as possible, as quickly as possible, make an appointment with a Patriot Truck Sales product expert today.