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Health tips for over-the-road truck drivers

When someone starts their career as a long-haul truck driver, they know that they’ll be away from home quite a bit and they understand that they will be working long hours. One thing that almost all new long-haul truck drivers struggle with is maintaining as healthy a lifestyle as possible. All of these health tips for over-the-road truck drivers start with a foundation of better eating strategies. Between the long hours of sitting behind the wheel and finding time to eat, it’s all too easy to cut corners by reaching for snacks and meals of questionable nutritional value. Our hope is that we can help drivers of all experience levels a be a little bit healthier not only for safety but to also better enjoy what little free time they may have with their families.

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Hydration — By no stretch of the imagination are truck drivers the only group of people who are prone to not drinking enough water. Medical and nutritional experts all say that drinking enough water is the key to staving off a slew of health issues. We’re not saying you have to give up coffee and caffeine, but what we are saying is that drinking more water is going to be better for you in the long run. If your truck has a fridge, some chopped up melon can not only be a great snack, but also a great source of additional water.

Fruit — As we said earlier, fruit is a great way to take in a little more water, but it’s also great for a quick boost of energy. Apples, pears and oranges travel great and don’t need to be refrigerated if you’re going to eat them in a timely manner. However, if you do have a small fridge in your truck, berries of any kind always top the list for a healthy sweet treat.

Finally, bananas are a time-honored way for drivers to avoid leg cramps.

Dried fruit — Too much of a good thing is always a bad deal. Dried fruit is great in small doses, but too much can be on the same level as dumping pure sugar into your system.

Vegetables — Baby carrots are universally regarded as an outstanding snack. Also try some celery sticks with a little peanut butter for a great healthy alternative to cookies, chips or other processed garbage.

Protein — Your body is built of cells and all human cells get their energy from protein. Lean meats like chicken or turkey are great sources of this without additional fat or other less-than-healthy meat options.

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