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A stock photo of the important paperwork needed by truck drivers.

Insurance is obviously important, but do you have enough of it?

What kind of insurance plans should owner/operators have?

Anyone who has undertaken the journey to become their own boss and operate their own trucking business knows how important insurance is for protecting that investment. The whole point of any insurance policy, be it for personal or commercial property, is to make sure all assets are protected in case something goes tragically wrong. There are a lot of companies on the market offering all kinds of products meant to meet this need. So, what kind of insurance plans should owner/operators have? There are a couple ways to answer that question, depending on what kind of transportation business you’re running. This Patriot Truck Sales blog post is meant to point owner/operators in the right direction. For coverage plans that will apply specifically to you, speak with a licensed insurance agent. Read the rest of this entry >>

A stock photo of the traffic on the road at night.

Drivers and trucks both need to fill up with quality fuel

Health tips for over-the-road truck drivers

When someone starts their career as a long-haul truck driver, they know that they’ll be away from home quite a bit and they understand that they will be working long hours. One thing that almost all new long-haul truck drivers struggle with is maintaining as healthy a lifestyle as possible. All of these health tips for over-the-road truck drivers start with a foundation of better eating strategies. Between the long hours of sitting behind the wheel and finding time to eat, it’s all too easy to cut corners by reaching for snacks and meals of questionable nutritional value. Our hope is that we can help drivers of all experience levels a be a little bit healthier not only for safety but to also better enjoy what little free time they may have with their families. Read the rest of this entry >>